Signature Project: VLS

Signature Project: VLS

One of our signature projects is VLS (in Danish Vi Lærer Sprog) which has evolved to become interventions targeted at several groups.  

We Learn Languages (in Danish: Vi Lærer Sprog, VLS) is a structured intervention in which the pedagogical staff in day cares can use to work systematically and effectively in strengthening children's language skills and executive skills such as self-regulation, memory and persistent attention. These skills are important for children's well-being and learning here and now, and they have a big impact on how easy children will have building learning on top when they later start school.

The basic intervention in VLS is a 20-week course based on fixed learning goals. Using weekly schedules and evidence-based language strategies, the pedagogical staff work systematically and actively to translate the fixed learning goals into meaningful activities with the children, supporting them in using the language modified the child's developmental stage. Thus, the intervention works by enhancing the quality of interactions between children and adults, as well as the extent and quality of the learning opportunities that children encounter during activities, routines and play in the day care.

The basic intervention in We Learn Language (VLS) has been tested in a randomized controlled trial of about 5000 children from 13 Danish municipalities who went to day care. The results showed that the intervention had positive effects on children's language development, numeracy and empathy.

In later projects, the target group for VLS has been extended to include all children between 0-6 years of age. The intervention has also developed further to examine the impact of different parenting interventions, collegiate feedback, video-based feedback and data-informed management.

Another VLS project examines whether it has long-term effects on children's language and executive skills if children participated in VLS as 1-2 year old.

Finally, a project examines the success of the implementation of VLS in day cares.

The VLS project is based on sub-elements from two previous randomized controlled trials:

SPELL and Fart på Sproget.

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