READ - School

Children become better readers when they read books daily with their parents. The effect is stronger, when the parents are more persistent. Therefore, this project tries to encourage persistency among parents.

Time period:

2017 (from January to summer). 

Target group:

Children in second grade. 

Number of participants:

Around 1600 pupils, divided between 28 schools and 72 class rooms.


The children receive a bag with books that they can read together with their parents. In the bag, instruction material is also included, and in here, parents can read, why it is important to be a part of the child’s reading, and what they can do, when they read together with their child. There will also be proposals on where the parents can find additional reading material (library, school, newspapers, etc.). Finally, parents will be handed a document with ideas for what they can talk about with the child – before, during and after reading.

Furthermore, an app has been developed to the project. In this app, parents can find information about the project, and they and their children can log each time they read. In this way, they can keep up with how often they read and how many minutes they read each time.

An important part of the intervention – and this is where this project differs from the project READ – Reading together - imply making parents persistent in their reading with the child. Here, the app will also play a role.


Children are randomly assigned to different intervention groups and a control group. This makes it more probable that potential effects are a result of the intervention. Researchers will make three intervention groups to test different variations of the overall reading intervention.

After the test, researchers will examine which parents are using the app, how many reading sessions parents and children have had, and finally, whether the pupils have made any progress in their reading abilities. Parents will also be asked to answer a short questionnaire.    


Municipality of Aarhus and TrygFonden.    


Exoected in 2019.


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