READ - Implementation

Children’s language skills are strengthened when parents read with their children. This was shown in READ – Reading together, when the project was tried out in the Municipality of Aarhus. Now, the goal is to see, if the intervention can have the same results for children in the rest of Denmark.  

Time period:

2016 (November) – 2017 (summer).  

Target group:

Children in second grade.

Number of participants:

Around 7800 children from all over the country.    


The intervention is the same that children received in the project READ – Reading together, in which researchers found positive effects. In that project, only children from Aarhus were included, and the goal of READ Implementation is therefore to test, if the effects can be found for the rest of the country.

In the intervention, children receive a package of books that they can read together with their parents. Additionally, parents receive instruction material on how to support the reading with the child. Since it is important that parents talk with their child before, during and after reading, there will be some proposals on what these talks can consist of.

Unlike the test in Aarhus, an app has been developed for the READ Implementation project. Parents can download the app to their smartphones, and in the app, they can find information about the project and they and their children can log each time they read. In this way they can keep up with how many minutes they read each time and how often they read.


Schools are randomly selected to be invited for the project. Effects can therefore be estimated by comparing intervention children’s results in the Danish National Tests with the results of children, who have not participated in the intervention.


Danish Ministry of Education and TrygFonden    


Exoected in 2019.

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