The Effect of Teacher's Aides in the Classroom: Evidence from a Randomized Trial

Working paper by Simon Calmar Andersen, Louise Voldby Beuchert-Pedersen, Helena Skyt Nielsen and Mette Kjærgaard Thomsen, The Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

04.07.2015 | Mathias Bukh Vestergaard

"This paper evaluates the impact of two kinds of teacher’s aides, varying in terms of intensity and qualifications, on 13-year-old students’ test scores, behavior and wellbeing. We gain leverage from combining a randomized experiment with rich survey and register data from Denmark. We find substantial positive effects on reading scores, which tend to be greater when resources are spent on aides without teaching degrees who — at a fixed budget — can spend more time in class in comparison to aides with teaching degrees. Importantly, follow-up tests after the end of the intervention show that the impact of aides on reading and math scores seems to persist among students with low-educated parents."

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