Prenatal bisphenol A exposure is associated with language development but not with ADHD-related behaviour in toddlers from the Odense Child Cohort

Tina Kold Jensen, Vicente Mustieles, Dorthe Bleses, Hanne Frederiksen, Fabio Trecca, Greet Schoeters, Helle Raun Andersen, Phillipe Grandjean, Henriette Boye Kyhl, Anders Juul, Niels Bilenberg, Anna-Maria Andersson.

18.01.2019 | Lone Amdi Boisen


  • Bisphenol A (BPA) has endocrine disrupting abilities and is widely used.
  • BPA was analyzed in 3rd trimester urine and detected in 85.3% of 535-658 mothers.
  • Boys of mothers with high BPA were 3.70 more likely to have a low language score.
  • No association between BPA exposure and language development was found in girls.
  • No clear dose-respons relationsship between BPA and ADHD symptoms was found.

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