An educator-administered measure of language development in young children

by Dorthe Bleses, Peter Jensen, Anders Højen & Philip S. Dale.

09.07.2018 | Mette Vad Andersen


An increasing number of infants and toddlers in many countries are enrolled in early childhood education (ECE) programs, and educators thus play a central role in stimulating language development in these young children. A valid, brief educator-completed measure of language development in young children has important uses both for the identification and monitoring of language development and for the guidance and evaluation of intentional instruction and targeted interventions for children who need it. We present such a measure here for Danish, the CDI: Educator (CDI-Edu) version, which is based on well-developed and validated parent report measures, adapted for the early childhood education setting. It requires approximately 10 min per child on the part of the educator. It includes a 70-item vocabulary checklist, as well as questions concerning the child’s use of decontextualized language with respect to objects and actions distant from the here and now. The test has been standardized on a total of 5097 children aged 18–34 months. Test-retest and internal consistency measures demonstrate reliability. Validation is established through correlations with age, maternal education, the Danish One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test, and the Social Emotional Assessment Measure.

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