2019.08.14 | Publikation

The Unnoticed Influence of Peers on Educational Preferences

Simon Calmar Andersen og Morten Hjortskov

2019.10.16 | Publikation

Patterns of educational achievement among groups of immigrant children in Denmark emerge already in preschool second-language and preliteracy skills

Journal article by Anders Højen, Dorthe Bleses, Peter Jensen and Phillip S. Dale, in Applied Psycholinguistics (2019), 1-23.

2019.10.16 | Publikation

Reducing Minority Discrimination at the Front Line—Combined Survey and Field Experimental Evidence

Simon Calmar Andersen, Thorbjørn Sejr Guul

2019.10.16 | Publikation

Prenatal bisphenol A exposure is associated with language development but not with ADHD-related behaviour in toddlers from the Odense Child Cohort

Tina Kold Jensen, Vicente Mustieles, Dorthe Bleses, Hanne Frederiksen, Fabio Trecca, Greet Schoeters, Helle Raun Andersen, Phillipe Grandjean, Henriette Boye Kyhl, Anders Juul, Niels Bilenberg, Anna-Maria Andersson.

2019.10.16 | Publikation

Life Skills Development of Teenagers through Spare-Time Jobs

Economic Working Paper by Rune V. Lesner, Anna Piil Damm, Preben Bertelsen and Mads Uffe Pedersen.

2019.10.16 | Publikation

Individual differences in response to a large-scale language and pre-literacy intervention for preschoolers in Denmark

Phillip S. Dale, Jessica Logan, Dorthe Bleses, Anders Højen and Laura Justice.

2019.10.16 | Publikation

Randomised controlled trials in Scandinavian educational research

Maiken Pontoppidan, Maria Keilow, Jens Dietrichson, Oddny Judith Solheim, Vibeke Opheim, Stefan Gustafson og Simon Calmar Andersen

2019.10.16 | Publikation

An educator-administered measure of language development in young children

Dorthe Bleses, Peter Jensen, Anders Højen & Philip S. Dale.

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