2020.09.14 | Publikation

The impact of standardized test feedback in math: Exploiting a natural experiment in 3rd grade

Louise Beuchert, Tine Loise Mundbjerg Eriksen og Morten Visby Krægpøth

2020.09.03 | Publikation

Pupil Well-being in Danish Primary and Lower Secondary Schools

Anna Folke Larsen, Afonso Saraiva Câmara Leme og Marianne Simonsen

2020.09.03 | Publikation

Social emotional learning in the classroom: Short-run effects from PERSPEKT 2.0

Anna Folke Larsen og Marianne Simonsen

2020.08.12 | Publikation

Low-cost teacher-implemented intervention improves toddlers’ language and math skills

Dorthe Bleses, Peter Jensen, Pauline Slot, Laura Justice

2020.05.27 | Publikation

Effects of Busing on Test Scores and the Wellbeing of Bilingual Pupils: Resources Matter

Economic Working Paper by Anna Piil Damm, Helena Skyt Nielsen, Elena Mattana and Benedicte Rouland

2020.05.27 | Publikation

Predictors of bilinguals´speaking rates

Højen, Anders

2019.08.14 | Publikation

The Unnoticed Influence of Peers on Educational Preferences

Simon Calmar Andersen og Morten Hjortskov

2019.10.16 | Publikation

Patterns of educational achievement among groups of immigrant children in Denmark emerge already in preschool second-language and preliteracy skills

Journal article by Anders Højen, Dorthe Bleses, Peter Jensen and Phillip S. Dale, in Applied Psycholinguistics (2019), 1-23.

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