We Are Learning Language - in Nursery and Day-care

Early and systematic language stimulation in nurseries has positive, provable effects on the language acquisition of the children. Can these positive experiences be transferred to the nursery and the daycare and thus prevent later language challenges?

The purpose of We Are Learning Language in the Nursery and the Day-care is to develop and try out a goal-oriented and systematic language action that works for 0-2 years old children in nursery and day-care.

Time period:

2015 – 2018.

Target group:

0-2 years old children, who attend nursery or day-care.     

Number of participants:

The recruitment has started. It is expected that 10 municipalities and 3.000 children will participate in the project.


We Are Learning Language is based on interventions, which we already know work to strengthen the early language acquisition of children and consists of active and systematic use of solid learning goals and evidence-based language strategies. In this study the ‘We learn Language’ is dedicated to the youngest children by creating more high quality interactions in relation to the daily routines, immersion activities and exploration zones. We test and create knowledge about, how parents are best included in the systematic approach to the language development.

In We Are Learning Language in the Nursery and the Daycare, the intervention is tried out in three variations:

  • The basis effort only, which consists of the systematic work to create high quality interactions.
  • The parents effort, which besides the language effort in the nursery and the daycare, also contains support for parents under the supports of the nursery and the daycare.
  • The parents effort and feedback, which consists of the language efforts in the nursery and daycare, inclusive support of parents and systematic feedback to the parents – concerning the language development of their children.    


The effect of We Are Learning Language in the Nursery and the Daycare will be assessed in a randomized controlled trial. The intention is to examine, whether a goal-oriented language effort in the nursery and the daycare can strengthen the adults’ work with strengthen the language acquisition of the children.     


Ministry of Education and Rambøll Management Consulting. 


Expected in 2018.

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