After-School Jobs to Young People in Aarhus

Is a part-time job able to strengthen academic, personal and social skills of marginalized young people – and not the least, can it increase their chances of completing an upper secondary education?

Time period:

2014 – 2018.

Target group:

Pupils in 7th to 10th grade in youth clubs who, because of different reasons, are at risk of not completing an upper secondary education and for whom it is difficult to find a part time job on their own.

Number of participants:

Approximately 250 young people between the age 13 and 17 years old in Aarhus.


A part time job is able to integrate the young people in a network of adults in which they can have role models and good social experiences. Furthermore, a job can be an opportunity for the young people to feel useful, to learn about how to behave in a workspace, being on time and to be motivated about going to school - and in this way get a better grip of life.

Experience shows that it is difficult for marginalized young people to apply, get and hold down a job without guidance and support in the process. Thus this intervention consists of employees from youth clubs helping the young people to get a part-time job. The employees have beforehand participated in a course programme, which trained them to guide and motivate the young people.


The effect of a part-time job is evaluated a radomized controlled trial. Two employees from each of the youth clubs participate in the experiment and cooperate to recruit the young people. It is decided by lottery, which of the employees who receives the extra course. Likewise, it is decided by draw, which youth club employee each young receives guidance from.

The effect of the part-time job is evaluated in correlation with their schooling and later education as well as potential criminal behavior. This happens through a questionnaire survey and with register data from Statistics Denmark.


Aarhus Municipality.    


Expected in 2018.

Project group

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